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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Notice of Complete Application

 Date: 03/31/2021

Applicant: PORT OF OSWEGO AUTHORITY                        1 EAST 2nd ST     OSWEGO, NY 13126


Application ID: 7-3512-00159/00003

Permits(s) Applied for: 1 - Section 401 - Clean Water Act Water Quality Certification

Project is located: in OSWEGO in OSWEGO COUNTY

Project Description:
The Port of Oswego Authority proposes to expand the Goble Dry Dock and Shipyard to accommodate additional docking sites and create a community marina. The facility is located east of the Wrights Landing Marina and adjacent to the USCG Station. The Port will dredge approximately 356 cubic yards of sediment and remove 4,377 cubic yards of rock from the existing marina. The material will be disposed of in an upland location per State Solid Waste regulations. The expanded marina will provide community docking for 25 boats using floating docks.

Availability of Application Documents:
Filed application documents, and Department draft permits where applicable, are available for inspection during normal business hours at the address of the contact person. To ensure timely service at the time of inspection, it is recommended that an appointment be made with the contact person.

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Determination
Project is a Type I action and will not have a significant effect on the environment. A coordinated review with other involved agencies was performed and a Negative Declaration is on file.

SEQR Lead Agency
Port of Oswego Authority

State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Determination
A cultural resources survey has been completed and cultural resources were identified. Based on information provided in the survey report, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) has determined that the proposed activity will have no adverse impact on registered or eligible archaeological sites or historic structures. No further review in accordance with SHPA is required.

Coastal Management
This project is located in a Coastal Management area and is subject to the Waterfront Revitalization and Coastal Resources Act.

 Availability For Public Comment                                                    Contact Person

Comments on this project must be                                                    KEVIN M BALDUZZI
submitted in writing to the Contact                                                    NYSDEC
Person no later than 04/22/2021                                                       615 Erie Boulevard W
or 15 days after the publication date                                                 Syracuse, NY 13204-2400
of this notice, whichever is later.                                                       (315) 426-7438



The mission of the Port of Oswego Authority is to serve as an economic catalyst in the Central New York Development Council District Region by providing diversified and efficient transportation services and conducting operations in a manner that promotes regional and international growth and development while being mindful of our responsibility to serve as a steward of the environment.
Adopted - September 28, 2011
Revised - March 8, 2017

Our Location

1 East 2nd Street Oswego, NY 13126
Phone : (315) 343-4503


The Port of Oswego Authority has recently conducted a feasibility study on a Performing Arts Center to be located within the Port of Oswego Authority property.

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Board Meetings

Meetings will typically be held the third Monday of each month at 4:30pm in the Port of Oswego Authority Conference Room located at 1 East Second Street, Oswego NY.

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